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Hello, hump day. I hope y’all are having a fab week and staying warm in this insane polar vortex. Wishing all my friends and family in Alabama and Georgia stay safe and warm!!!

This past weekend I stayed home, caught up on some school work, and got lost on the procrastination machine also known as the internet. This week, I'm back to school work, and so caught up that sometimes I glance up at my clock and wonder what I was doing for the past couple of hours. But, I'm looking forward to another weekend! Because last weekend, while I was browsing for inspiration on the internet I discovered some lovelies that I want to share with you lovelies. So without further delay…

+ who doesn’t love a good old fashion chocolate cookie? finding the best homemade recipe is hard, but the every girl has got you covered.

+ selfies are taking over the world. but are they making us critique ourselves in an unhealthy way? check out this video to learn how to discover what makes you beautiful.

+ I recently bought a new pair of jeans, and I am overly obsessed with them. they are boyfriend jeans with the perfect wash. but guess what. the price is affordable!  go buy a pair (or two or three) for yourself.

+ after attending the amazing cricut party in salt lake city, I have been brainstorming all of the crafts that I am going to make. I think the first thing on my list are something similar to these adorable gold scalloped cupcake liners. too cute.

+ with valentines day right around the corner it’s time to start thinking about what you are going to give your friends & family. check out these free photoshop brushes to start off creating your digital designs.

Stay warm, and let me know what you find when seeking inspiration!

xo ~chloe