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Fur Coat

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fur: vintage | jeans:Gap | waterproof boots: Aquatalia | sweater: H&M | striped shirt: Old Navy

photos by Stewart Hunter Photography

Although this fur is one of my favorite coats, I rarely wear it… which causes me lots of guilt. I feel guilty wearing it and guilty for not pulling it out since it was passed down a while ago to me from my grandmother -- I'm honored to have received it and absolutely adore it, plus the fact that it keeps me warmer than anything else in my closet. I have very distinct memories of my grandmother wearing it, so wrapping up in my coat keeps the cold at bay and not only brings physical warmth but also warm memories of her… making me wish I could pull it on without wondering what message I'm sending. Do any of you have the same the hesitations about wearing real fur?  I'd love to hear if wearing fur has become a personal issue or if it's simply a regional issue or a fashion issue since it seems I've seen more fun furs (i.e., purple, striped, green etc) this year, and yes, I completely realize I'm opening a furry Pandora's box.

On a lighter note, where did I wear my fur coat? Sledding with the kids!! I don't sled… I stand and watch (which is absolutely freezing, but just as much fun)!! It was a glorious afternoon with kids from 3-53 sledding, everyone laughing and having a good time, and in such good spirits all around as everyone released the kid inside of them as they yelped and screamed flying down the hill and dragging sleds back up the hill, just to repeat it again and again. I was content to watch, stay warm in my grandmother's fur coat, and enjoy the smiles of everyone around me. And I was warmer than I had ever been while watching them.