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Internet Loves Lately

internet loves lately #fall | popcosmo
TGIF y'all! I hope you've been enjoying yourself this past week. Today, as we head off to New Orleans for our TEDYouth adventure, I just want to share a few links to some inspirational websites and this week's internet loves. Whether they're giving you healthy tips or free desktop downloads, I think they'll brighten your day just a little bit! Thanks to Stripes & Peonies for the inspiration on this new layout... hope you all enjoy!
- As the weather is starting to get chillier I have been uninspired to go outside for a run. Since I don't belong to a gym I looked up videos on YouTube. This YouTube channel totally inspired me to workout in my room when I have a few extra minutes.
- This Tumblr account has an absolutely endless amount of great book recommendations. I'll definitely be reading a few of their suggestions as I have been searching for a new great read.
- This holiday playlist makes me want the holiday season to be here already. I need some festivity in my life :)
- I'm not typically a big makeup person, but these looks have inspired me to experiment a little bit!
- Bri from Design Lovefest always has tons of inspiration on her blog, but I'm overly obsessed with her latest free desktop downloads
Do you have any internet loves this week you want to share?
xox ~chloe