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Got Bourbon?

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Kentucky  does, and if you drink Bourbon, it's most likely from here since Kentucky is the home to over 200 types of bourbon made by 8 different distilleries located here. Why is Kentucky the center of the Bourbon world? Probably 2 reasons: our water, filtered by natural limestone, and our severe range in temperatures. You may find a few exceptions to the "made in Kentucky" rule, but about 98% of the world's Bourbon comes from Kentucky, yet I'd never been to a Bourbon tasting and, didn't care for Bourbon. Why? Because Bourbon brings to mind cigars (uggh) and men (love 'em) so I thought of it as a guy's drink. But I was wrong. More Bourbon is bought by women than men. So the fact that I'm a woman, living in Kentucky, and didn't know my Bourbons was a travesty, right? Deciding to right my Bourbon wrongs, my husband and I attended our first Bourbon tasting over the weekend at the annex of one of our beloved restaurants in town, 610 Magnolia, owned by the much-acclaimed Chef Lee. After serious swirling and sniffing, I unfortunately still haven't found the Bourbon that I'll be sipping in front of the fireplace this winter, but I did learn that there are many distilleries that offer family tours. You read that right: family tours. So guess what we'll be doing this winter? Getting to know our local distillers and searching and tasting. It's a hard job, but I'm up to the task.

Getting ready for my Bourbon adventure was simple since I knew I wanted to be comfortable and stylish. I just pulled on my new Jigsaw... sweater - silk shirt  which is ridiculously comfortable. The silk front of the sweater and the scoop hem in the back make it chic enough with a pair of heels to head out for a night on the town. I'm so excited Jigsaw is now stateside after reading about it in Confessions of a Shopaholic, and love how they took a simple silhouette and made it a little funky and a lot fab. As for new looks, I'm also craving this one and this!

What about you... what do you think of Jigsaw looks & are you a Bourbon drinker?

jigsaw sweater

jigsaw london


jigsaw bourbon

sweater: Jigsaw London (c/o) | jeans: True Religion | shoes: Pedro Garcia

photos by Erin Trimble