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What to wear: Weekend Wear

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While I'm writing, it's a rainy, yucky day... and all I really want to do is bundle up under a cozy blanket like this and watch a few episodes of Suits. cozy blankets & cozy throws for winter

"Big Cloud Blanket" from Nuraxi

But as I mentioned in my "What to Wear When Working From Home" post, it's time for me to pull back that blanket, go exercise, and pull on some big girl pants... with buttons!! This weekend wear outfit is just perfect for those days when my hair says "no-way" and I'm feeling all slouchy, but need to feel fierce. Because once I put it on, I'd have all the energy I need. I believe in the power of clothes. Some believe we are what we eat (and, yeah, I definitely do too), but clothes instantly change my entire being. What I wear not only reflects what I'm feeling: clothes are a mood changer, a mood maker, and in my case, a mood breaker. In this - I'm saying "hey Day, it's game on!"

Does what you wear change your mood?

xo ~Kim

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What to wear: Weekend Wear

sweater | jeans | hat (waterproof!) | necklace | purse | shoes