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Teen Blogger Showcase: Sailing the Sea of Style

sailing sea to style interview

 sloane sailing the sea of style

I’m back for the second post in my “Teen Blogger Showcase” series with Sloane of Sailing the Sea of Style. sailing sea to style on popcosmo So, let’s chat about Sloane. First off, isn’t her name just adorable? Too cute. Her name is super cute, but her blog is even more adorable! Sloane writes mostly fashion posts, but she also has a nice blend of travel and decor posts as well. I swear Sloane dresses better than most 20 year olds I know, and I’m totally jealous of some of her pieces - like her Chanel ballet flats and just look at those boots she has on! Can I have them both? ;) Sloane is a sweety so be sure to give her blog some love! {And before you leave, make sure you check out my post on Gracey at Stripes & Peonies - trust me, you’ll be in awe of her photos!}

xox chloe