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The dilemma: what to wear when working at home

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Carrie Bradshaw blogging from home

Working at home So this tweet caught my eye:

What’s appropriate attire when your bedroom doubles as your office? http://t.co/eO2ePDXCDT   — Vogue Magazine (@voguemagazine) October 22, 2013

And I have to say, it's something I think about daily: what to wear when working at home -- when my home IS my office? Do I dress up to walk up to the 3rd floor? Why get dressed up or even venture from the cozy cocoon of a down duvet when the only person I might see (besides my kids) hasn't a sartorial care in the world and the only words I could hear during the day might be "sign here" delivered by a UPS guy in his invariable ensemble and too scheduled to chit-chat?

But I do get up and do get dressed up (yay me!!) with no problem on the days I have meetings outside of the house. But on those days when I'm not venturing farther than the kitchen or office - or front porch to grab the mail when no cars are passing - I face the dilemma of what to wear when working at home. Long ago, like not using the nice china for everyday dinners, the "nice" clothes somehow were put away and saved for the more formal occasions of stepping out the door in daylight hours (i.e., business meetings, trips to the coffee shop, standing in line at the post office). And definitely they are donned for evenings. For the work-at-home days in question, Vogue quite helpfully suggests outfits ranging from $340 to  $1945 (including a $1355 pajama and slipper set, alas!) Woe to me, I do not wear $175 skirts to sit in my office or $1000 shoes (or wouldn't if I had them) to tread a flight of stairs.  But oh, how often I would slip into the $10 Hanes t-shirt!

cute jeans working at home How I dress working at home... but on models, outdoors. Via Stockholm StreetStyle

You see, my requirement is that I wear pants that button. Seriously, my work clothes requirement is: pants. that. button. I'll start the day in sweats until I workout, then any stretch waistband is banned from the office after my workout. Why? Because a button is the kind yet strict parent resting on my shoulder to guide me from gaining weight. It never admonishes me, but will make me feel uncomfortable when I'm pushing the limits and using food as my motivator or boredom buster. And when those limits have been reached, I'll know to cut back a little. But hopefully, with a little help from my button, I'll be able to resist and stay within range. I'll also be presentable enough, with a top of course, ranging from a $10 tee to an almost Vogue-worthy top (of the knockoff or 75%+ sale variety, if I'm being completely honest) if it's a lunch date or coffee date kind of day to answer the door when that kindly UPS man interrupts the silence with his kind words, "Sign here."

Obviously, Vogue won't be interviewing me anytime soon for my work-at-home outfit tips. But I'm ok with that since my goal is simply to be presentable enough to answer the door and not gain a size or two as I sit typing. Perhaps my goals should be loftier. And my bank account too.

How about you... what do you wear when working from home when it's just you, and you alone?