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"Girls Don't Poop"... say what?!

Poo~pourri reaction

We never watch YouTube ads, especially gross ones and particularly one called "Girls don't Poop." Or do we? Well "never say never" because neither of us could stop watching this ad for Poo~Pourri. And I, for one, would have loved to have been in the room when brainstorming began for this campaign. And again when filming it. Can you imagine the laughter? When I asked Chloe if she had seen the poop video, she started cracking up. Hysterically. And then started repeating lines from it. That's when we knew we had to bring this video to you, just in case you're the 1 in 11 million who've hasn't seen it. Because it's a poop video too good to miss. Trust us.

The ad we watched - "Girls Don't Poop" but there are others! Watch the bloopers :) Hope you enjoyed, and maybe even giggled a bit and smiled a lot!