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How to Transition your Summer Clothes to Fall

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Summer to Fall

As the weather starts to cool off we're not quite ready to break out our winter clothes and store our summer clothes because the weather is so wishy-washy. So, we have a few pieces that we can count on to help ease the transition your summer clothes to fall, whether it's tights, a leather jacket, a cargo jacket, booties or our favorite sweater. These are a few key items that scream fall. So,  let’s keep our summer dresses out for just a tad bit longer and embrace the wild side and just layer. We’ve shared four different looks using four different summer dresses. We love how easy it is to make a summer dress blend in with our fall wardrobe. We think the only thing you really need is a jacket or sweater and fall shoes that go with everything to transition your summer clothes. In fact, you could probably mix and match most everything (and a leather or cargo jacket might mix with just about any summer dress!)

Enjoy our gifs - pronounced like Jiff peanut butter for all of those struggling ;) with the debate between hard and soft "g."

How to wear dresses in fall

dress: Madewell | jacket: Madewell | scarf: Nordstrom| shoes: Prada

summer to fall

dress: Alice + Olivia | necklace: | hat: J.Crew | purse: J.Crew | jacket: Zara | boots: Frye

transition clothes for fall

dress: Madewell | tights: Kate Spade | leather jacket: H&M | hat: Wet Seal | shoes: Cole Haan

summer to fall clothes

dress: CP Shades| sweater: Zara| boots: Mjus

That's it... it's simple to transition summer clothes to fall with a few key pieces. What are your items to make it work?