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Hiding in Camo Pants

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Can you see me against this ivy wall or do I fade into the background with my stylin' new camo pants? When my son used to wear camo, he always thought he was invisible and it was a sad, sad day in the Gordon household when he finally realized that his camo held no magic powers... we could still see him. Yep, we knew what devilish pranks he was up to all along, a little of the twinkle left his eyes and camo instantly lost it's appeal to him. But not for me, although I'm now the only one my family who has an affinity for camo. Whether it's in style or not, I always have something camo in my closet and until I bought these pants, I had 2 other pairs in my closet. But this perfect pair replaced those because I have a very strict 1 in, 1 out rule for my closet that I occasionally follow. And because both of those camo pants were unflattering and old as the hills, I had no problem getting rid of them.

I finally found the perfect camo pants after trying on a million pairs, at least it felt like it. Although I test a profound theory quite often by trying on $200+ camo pants or jeans, I can honestly say I've proven: they don't make me look skinnier, they wouldn't make me happier than a less expensive pair (quite the opposite), and they don't give me a "to die for" booty. I'm so glad I kept searching and found these Gap camo pants, which I was lucky enough to buy on sale!, because they are the perfect camo pants for the season: skinny leg, ankle length, zipper details, and perfect fit. They are unquestionably going to be in heavy rotation in my fall wardrobe and I might even add a zipper detail to the leg after the 50th wear or so, just to spice them up. Invisible or not, they make my eyes twinkle.

There are a few other items on my must-have fall list, what are on yours?

polka dot shirt

camo pants

gap camo pants

sigerson morrison shoes

Pants: Gap | Shirt: Karen Zambos (avail in Louisville at Caden Boutique)| Shoes: Sigerson Morrison (similar & similar) | frizzy mussed hair: Louisville humidity

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