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Welcome Home

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welcome home

We've had quite the welcome home after our summer away... weather that is: hot, sticky, and humid. This graphic dress is my go-to outfit when the day is long and the temperature is high. It's easy to wear, makes a statement, and doesn't need accessorizing, which makes it perfect for a hot day when the heat simply wears you down and makes me too lazy to do anything other than throw on a dress! zara black and white dress

zara dress

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dress: Zara (Summer '13, might be avail in stores) | shoes: Target | purse: Goyard | bracelet: vintage (Grandmother's)

I grew up in this weather, although not in this town, so I'm definitely used to hot, humid days. I don't mind them, as long as I'm dressed right. I like this graphic dress because the openness isn't revealing but keeps me cool (and there are no underarm stains to contend with - ooh, yuck!) These are my thoughts before I buy a dress for this type of heat. Thoughts that didn't enter my mind while being spoiled by the cool Colorado breezes this summer. But I'm a Southern gal through and through which means I can take the heat! Just don't talk to me about cold weather. The only thing about a hot & sticky summer I do mind? My hair! It had such nice curls and was so well-behaved in Colorado due to no humidity, but it's back to being it's bad self with a mind of it's own. Hmm, I think it takes after me! But we'll get re-acquainted and I'll regain control, just give me a few posts!

All in all, I'll take a welcome home to humidity, bad hair, and all. And I mean that sincerely. It's just nice to be back in our home sweet home.

What's the one thing about your town that you can tolerate, but others love to hate?