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Last week Chloe shared what was keeping her interest on the internet (besides her Latin course) and this week, it's my turn to share some Links I Love. From organizing & back to school, to fashion & beauty, to simply getting lost in another world, these are links I love and which caught my eye last week... and I am actually hunting one of them down this morning! Can you guess which one? links i love

{1} These cute shoes have what I'm looking for this fall: a pointy toe and flat comfort. Plus I cherish red shoes. And that feminine dip just gives a hint of Moroccan slipper sexiness, which I definitely wouldn't mind having in my life.

{2} I obsess over each and every Claire Vivier bag because each one is impeccably ideal. The stripes, the monograms, the leather. But this leopard foldover makes me think I wouldn't have to carefully select what to carry and what would stay home. And the statement it would make is "hear me roar." In a delicate, prim way.

{3} Keeping with my black and white fashion obsession lately, this phone case makes me soooo happy on many levels. It's actually a true dark navy, but since I can't see the difference between black and blue, I'm oblivious and delighted! Plus, I say y'all. Always have, always will whether New York, Colorado, or at home in the South. It's a southern-ism that I can't (and won't) knock, y'all.

{4} Essie nail polish is my obsession. Perhaps hanging this enchanting Essie print on the wall would stop me from buying more colors? Perhaps since I have all 3 colors it could remind me to choose from one I have instead of being lured by a clever name or a adorable color? Nah, I'll always be looking for the next best because Essie always has it, but I'd love to look at this print daily!

{5} I binge on Justified on Amazon Prime whenever I can find the time. Why?  Four words: addicting, adorable, accents, action.

{6}  These very simple and clever tape ideas show how tape can spice up your home, office and school supplies!

Happy weekend y'all! ~kim