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My Secret to Shopping

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When I go shopping I have two goals in mind: 1. find unique pieces and 2. find inexpensive yet nice pieces. Let me tell you, these goals have kept me from spending more than I should and it allows me to buy things that I truly love. Some stores are hit and miss with this technique but one store almost always has something for me. Do you want to know my top secret store? Yes? Like super yes?

Ann Taylor Ann Taylor shirt Target Purse Forever 21 pants cute Ann Taylor shirt

shirt: Ann Taylor (not available now) | pants: Forever 21 | purse: Target | shoes: Target

Well good! It’s Ann Taylor.

Whenever I go shopping in this store I don't see that many other teenage girls shopping in there so I know for sure that what I’m buying won’t be on every other girl, which is exactly what I want. And, the sale rack is always on point. Shopping secrets from other people don't usually include popular stores, but since Ann Taylor isn't typically a popular store for teens, my secret includes it! I bought this shirt a few months ago on the sale rack for about $20 originally like $50 something. Insane. I absolutely love how flowy it is. It’s the perfect top to throw on whenever I'm looking for something simple and comfortable. What's not to love?

Do you have any "shopping secrets"?


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