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60's fashion (Part III)

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We come to the final look in our three part 60's fashion series. Don't tell 60's Fashion -Part 1 or 60's Fashion -Part 2 but this outfit is probably my favorite of the three 60's fashion looks! Not only are the pictures perfectly pulled together with the fake fur and scarf, but there just happened to be this VW bug sitting on the street that matched as well! 60's Serendipity :) I love the pattern on this dress and how with the help of fabulous Hadley (the best stylist ever) we matched the scarf to the dress. I am terrible at mixing patterns, this scarf goes amazing well. Am I right or what?

Leona collection 60's style Leona dress

dress: Leona Collection (borrowed) | scarf, stole, shoes: thrifted & borrowed from Hadley 

This Leona dress is so comfortable, and it can be dressed up or down. It’s definitely a must buy, and the colors are so vibrant - which you can see by clicking here. Our fab photos (thank you Geni!) are muted for that 60's feel!

I know I’ve mentioned before, as modern as the Leona items are, they sure do look good in different decades! Especially the present one. Be sure to follow them on Facebook to check out their latest and greatest, including sales :)

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