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What Can A Pair of Glasses Do?

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I've worn glasses since... well, since as long as I can remember. You know, long before wearing glasses made you look smart or cool or hipster. I've even had 2 surgeries to correct my vision, but I'm back where I started and wear glasses again. And guess what? Now I relish wearing them, because I realize they can be hip, cool and fun accessories.

John Lennon glasses

adlens glasses for aid

instant prescription eyewear

adlens glasses instant prescription

glasses: Adlens (c/o) | shirt: Vince (last seen here) | pants: Forever 21 | shoes: Halogen | leather bracelet: Hermes | (photos by Chloe - check her reflection in the 3rd photo!)

But my glasses aren't just for fun. Without them, I can't see to drive and I can't see to work. And I can't even see my friends unless they are right in front of me. I feel kind of like I'm in a big lonely bubble when I forget where I put my glasses (so now I wear them on my necklace!).  When I was contacted by Adlens to try their John Lennon Collection glasses I jumped at the opportunity... and learned quite a bit in the process.

I didn't realize that an estimated 1.3 billion (yes, that's with a "B") people around the world could benefit from wearing glasses. They either lack access to eye care specialists (in sub-Saharan Africa there is 1 optometrist per 1 million people) and/or have issues of affordability. Adlens has a social soul and has a "buy 1, give 1" program to provide access to glasses, starting in Rwanda. But the best part is the most amazing thing about Adlens glasses.

They aren't typical glasses that are being given to Rwandans, they are self-adjusting glasses - no need to visit an optometrist. As in instant prescription eyewear.  Whoa... could they really work? I received my glasses in the mail and I could decide if I wanted: reading glasses, intermediate glasses, or distance glasses. I decided on distance glasses and turned the dial, set the lever, detached the fluid injection sides, and inserted the caps. Voilà instant prescription glasses! They do work and are, in one word, amazing! How practical would it be to have a spare pair of glasses when traveling that could immediately be set to your present prescription? And I can only imagine the possibilities for those without access to optometrists.

Children and young adults who have poor vision now have hope of clear vision without having to wait to see an optometrist. Thanks to companies like Adlens for mixing fashion and technology with charity, we'll all see the world a bit more clearly, especially those direly in need.

This is a sponsored post written by Kim & Chloe on behalf of Adlens. All opinions are 100% ours, as always. But y’all knew that :)

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