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29+ Ideas for Bucket Lists


We are a few weeks into summer and boredom is almost setting in, so now is the time to pull out or start summer bucket lists! They motivate us to go out and do something fun when there seems like there is nothing to do on a hot summer day. No more "I'm sooo bored!" We pulled together and wrote down some of our top things that we wanted to accomplish this summer -- from retro to fun to exhilarating -- let's get this summer started!

Summer Bucket Lists

Some of the ideas that made it on our Summer Bucket Lists:

- Pull an all-nighter - Skydive (yikes!) - Go to the zoo - Go to a state I’ve never been to - Go to the beach - Buy my dream purse - Take a golf lesson - Take a boxing class - Buy $1 in pennies & place them face up for good luck for others to find - Find a race and enter it - Create and go on a scavenger hunt - Mountain bike (on a mountain) - Make tie-dyed shorts - Perfect “the flirt” - Watch the sunset - Have a picnic - Create something new & different - Have a movie marathon - Read a new book that I would typically pass up - Create a summer songs playlist - Wish on a shooting star - Rock a romper - Actually finish a stick of chapstick - Jump off the high dive - Go to a concert - Find the perfect sunglasses - Compliment 3 people in 1 hour - Roadtrip anywhere - Get a pedicure & try a not-so-me polish - Have a bonfire - Go to a drive-in movie - Play flashlight tag

In our typical fashion, we decided to make it a little more exciting than the predictable notebook list {so blah & boring}. After a short and inexpensive run to Hobby Lobby to pick up popsicle sticks, gold spray paint, white puffy paint, and a mini vase from Target, we got to work. We spray painted both sides of the Popsicle sticks and after letting them dry, started thinking up ideas and writing one on each stick. We let those dry, stuck them in the vase, and voilà: the cutest summer bucket lists on the planet, just sitting bedside as daily inspiration. Whenever boredom hits, just close your eyes, pick a stick, and you've got your day planned!

And yes, we'll be doing some of these. Make sure you're following us on Instagram so you can check our progress!

What's on your summer bucket lists? 

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