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As you know, last week I took a little beach trip to visit my bff, but before I headed out I was racking my brain for ideas of what to take to say "thank you for letting me stay with you." You know, the perfect hostess gifts for both my friend and her mom. For my friend, jewelry or a gift card is always welcome, but I wanted to buy her something girly and cute that her boyfriend wouldn't think of getting her. And I wanted to purchase a special gift for her Mom, because let's face it - without her Mom's permission, my little visit wouldn't have happened (and she happens to have a super-cool Mom who I adore)!

hostess gift ideas

1 -Tiara Soy Candle / 2 - Peony Diffuser / 3 - Milk Eau de Toilette/ 4 - Fresh Peonies / 5 - Coconut Bubble Bath

So I started thinking of all the gifts I would want. And Archipelago has just about everything I fancy in my room & bath, plus the most amazing scented lotions (not too heavy, scented - but not too much, and moisturizing - but not greasy) and even travel and gift sets. Soooo, anything and everything Archipelago are now tops in my list for hostess gifts - and gifs for moi.  In fact,  have the most wonderful Peony diffuser in my room and some of their lotion on me right now -- you know, I was just making sure that they were amazing enough for my bff. Turns out Archipelago is scent-sational.

Disclosure: Archipelago sent us products. However, all opinions regarding them are our own and we wouldn't tell you about them if we didn't totally truly love them. Obviously.