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The 1 Simple Secret to Get Shiny Hair

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I have a very serious love-hate relationship with my hair. I know I have nice hair, but I only think I have GREAT hair after I get it styled at the hair salon, which made me wonder, "how do I get shiny hair that is bouncy and wavy with no frizz at home?" I feel like hair salons have some secret that they don’t share with us girls - I mean, how do they make my hair look so perfect? kate middleton

via Marie Claire UK

That being said, I recently bought the book called How To Look Expensive (total must read ladies!) and discovered the hair tip of a lifetime: clear hair gloss. One tip in the book is that if you get clear gloss put in your hair then your hair will be shinier, less frizzy, and you won’t have to wash it as often. I know, sounds too good to be true, and I was shocked that I had never heard about this before. Wouldn’t everyone and their mothers want to have this in their hair?! I guess people wanted hair gloss to be their little hair secret, but I’m nice enough to share what I found with you.

Right after I read about clear hair gloss in the book, I instantly booked an appointment at my salon. I was afraid that it would be outrageously expensive, but guess what? It wasn’t. It was only $15, and no I did not forget a zero on the end! Crazy right? The entire process was about 45 minutes and my hair is literally 100% more manageable, it's an easy way to get shiny hair, and it's softer and less frizzy and just better now!

If you haven’t already started dialing then GO CALL YOUR HAIR SALON! It’s such a simple - and inexpensive - way to get shiny hair!

xox  ~chloe