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Thank you, thank you!!


Seriously? Are you kidding me? Is that us being featured in a story in the Huffington Post? THE HUFFINGTON POST? Holy Sh Cow! The article is about Pinterest, which is completely, totally and utterly Chloe's expertise, and there are some fantastic tips. To sum up the article: if we can create viral pins, so can you! Chloe is the master pinner and visual designer of Popcosmo... and, because she creates and curates beautiful Pinterest boards, you should be following us on Pinterest, like now! And if you want to know our most popular and viral pins, check out "What You're Loving" on the right and click on the stories to see what people are pinning. But back to the Huffington Post: thank you Jayson DeMers for your fantastic article! Go read it :) How to use Pinterest

And being in the Huffington Post was the cherry on top of what has already been an enormous chocolate ice cream sundae of a month (and it's only the 3rd day)! We were featured on the cover of Today's Woman Now for our story about Moms and daughters working together. The COVER, y'all! And pages 6 and 32. We didn't know about being cover gals until we saw it... and we were both speechless, which is really and truly rare. And considering it's the shoe issue, I'd say it's the perfect cover for us, haha! Again, thank you Today's Woman and what an honor.

today's woman

Today was Oaks Day, tomorrow the Kentucky Derby, then my hubbie's birthday... whoa, I think my head needs to stop spinning. May is turning out to be quite a month! Hope your May is just as lovely, just as lively, and just as exciting!

XO ~Kim & Chloe