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Gettin' Kinda Crazy

FASHIONKim & Chloe

patterns and neon


stripes and neon


neon clutches


JCrew neon clutches

dress, J.Crew Factory /  shirt, J.Crew / clutch, J.Crew factory / shoes, Target

I wouldn’t call my style adventerous in the least, I'm a J.Crew kind of gal. I’m scared of trying new trends, well new fashion ideas in general. But, that being said, lately I’ve been wanting to try new things. To some of you, this outfit might seem pretty “normal” but to me it’s adventurous, even though it's mostly J.Crew, I put the stiped shirt underneath the dress and then added cheetah flats. Two patterns and neon? Gettin’ kinda crazy, right? Yep.

What’s the most adventerous outfit you’ve ever worn?

Thanks for reading! xox, Chloe

Link: Favorite Spring Trend, Friday's Five 

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