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The Color Purple...

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what I wore

coat: Cole Haan / shirt:  Lavender Brown / jeans: very old Joe's jeans (similar) / purse: old / shoes: old / 

My husband surprised me with this coat this year, and it was a surprise for both of us because I really don't like the color purple.  Alpaca, I love though. I'm told purple "is my color," so I'm not sure what my problem is with it. But, this Cole Haan coat was different. From the second I saw it - the minute I tried it on - the moment I looked in the mirror: I knew it had to be mine. But I put it back on the hanger and walked away. Simply because it was purple.

My husband saw me hesitating and shooed me out of the store. He knew that I needed a winter coat (desperately), and wanted me to take a chance. So I did. And I'm glad he surprised me with this gorgeously warm coat and pushed me in a bold new direction. It's time to try something new!

What item in your closet did you took a chance on... and grow to love?