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Girl Crush: Karla Reed

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karla reed

karla reed

I have a huge Girl Crush on Karla Reed, who is not only super fashionable with a mix of trendy and classic looks, but her styles are typically thrift store shopping finds! I follow her on Instagram @karlareed and her Instagram store @chicthrifty to see what amazing pieces she's found, and how she styles them. And yeah, I'm only 1 of the more than 9,000 followers who are probably crushing on her and adore her flair for the amazing finds, but with most of her daily looks totaling under $50, I bet I'm not the only one she's inspired to thrift more often! Karla Reed is the quintessential gal proving you don't have to spend a million to look like a million, and she was sweet enough to answer tons of questions (I could chat all day with her!) about herself and her thrifting. Enjoy! ~Chloe

Where do you find your fashion inspiration? I mostly find inspiration on Pinterest and through TV and movies. I like the idea of pulling one element from a look or style and coming up with a way to make it my own. I don't read magazines or follow designers. I guess in a way I don't like being told what is trendy. Lol. I try to avoid trends, unless they really speak to me.

Were you stylish in high school? Ummm, I'm not really sure...I tend to think no. Lol. I lived in a very small town and the closest mall was at least 30 minutes away. I've always loved clothes but I'm pretty sure I was clueless when it came to fashion. It wasn't until I went to college in Chicago that started to become more aware of it.

vintage shopping

What is your favorite store? I'm not sure I have one in particular. I have different stores I like for different things. But if money wasn't an object, I'd say J Crew.

What item would you grab from your closet if there was a fire? (heaven forbid) Oh man! Tragic! Ummm, I guess I'd grab my vintage Coach bags ...because they would be the hardest to replace. Hopefully it won't ever come to that;)

What do you love about fashion? Seeing as it's my preferred art form:)... I love that it gives me a voice and a way to express myself. I also love the ability it has to make people look and feel beautiful.

What is your favorite season for fashion? I guess it's a tie between spring and fall:) There's always an overwhelming need for change. And I love how in both seasons there is the ability to layer. It makes outfits much more interesting and complex.

What is your favorite trend right now? Two trends I'm loving for spring are graphic black and white prints with a pop of color and pastels with a pop of neon. Is it spring yet?!

What is your biggest fashion faux pas? I don't really think there is a "wrong" when it comes to fashion...but I will say, ill fitting clothes really kill an outfit.

karla reed

If you could have dinner with any designer, who would it be? Ralph Lauren, no question. He has managed to consistently make beautiful clothes for over 40 years all while staying true to himself. He is such an inspiration.

Thrift Specific Questions

When did you start thrifting? I remember my mom thrifting even when I was young. So I guess I can say all my life... but I didn't get serious about it until around 4 years ago.

Why did you start thrifting? I guess the main reason was because I love clothes and I don't have the money to support my addiction;) Thrifting gave me freedom to try any style I wanted with out the guilt of spending a lot. That's when I really came into my own and was able to developed my own personal style.

karla reed

How often do you go thrifting? I go a lot:) Mostly because I've opened an Instagram shop where I sell some of my thrift finds. It's become a part time job for me, which I love:) But on a normal week, I probably go 3-5 times.

What is your favorite thrift store? Any place I find a treasure:) Here in Salt Lake there are about 10 stores that I go to on a regular basis.

Do you go thrifting with something specific in mind or are you open to anything? I think it's best to go in with an open mind. After all, you have no control over what will be at any given store. But I always have somewhat of a list in my head of things I'm "hunting" for.

vintage shopping

What is your signature style, because you wear a range of different styles? I most relate to a classic/preppy style. But I love the idea of mixing other styles with my preppy roots:)

What items do you avoid buying thrifted? I only buy things that seem fairly new and are in good condition. I stay away from things that would take too much time and effort to clean or need tailoring to make work.