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what we are loving

1. Kate Spade “Hilarious” phone case: Not only is this case, a collab with fashion illustrator and blogger, Garance Dore, beyond adorable, but it is super-durable. I am the kind of person that drops my phone case countless times a day - whether it’s tumbling down the stairs or falling off my nightstand, my phone doesn’t live an easy life. I love that this case can keep my phone case stylin’ and also safe! A major win-win in my book. Sold out - guess it was a lot of peoples' latest obsession!

2. H&M Cargo Jacket: Lately I’ve been loving the cargo jacket trend so I decided to pick one up from H&M. This coat was about $50 and I’ve already gotten a ton of wear out of it. Its heavy enough that I can wear it with a few layers and be super warm, or I could wear it by itself over a top and it’s a nice spring jacket. Not to mention that it goes with everything.

3. Trader Joes Kettle Corn: This kettle corn is beyond delicious. The pieces on the top of the bag are salty and the pieces on the bottom are sweet. Just writing about it makes me want to go chow on a bag. Best part? It’s $6 for a pack of 6!

4. Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede: I usually am not a fan of lipstick, I just don’t like the way it makes my lips look - weird I know. But I’ve been seeing a ton of people work bright lipstick so I decided to give it a try. This lipstick made it easy: it goes on super smooth and feels really nice, but once the top “click” coats comes off it leaves your lips with a perfect lip stain! It’s like a two-in-one lipstick/lipstain!

what we are loving

1. Sunshine: It's the middle of winter, I'm watching spring fashion shows and I'm craving sunshine. And palm trees. And the sound of the surf on the sand. It's vacation time.

2. Sons Of Anarchy: I don't watch t.v. unless it's a certain show from Britain that just ended on Sunday nights {sob}. I watch Tivo or videos and I like to watch a few years worth of shows over a few months. My latest obsession is Sons of Anarchy. I laughed, out loud, the first time it was recommended to me. Seriously, do I look like the sort of girl who would watch a show about a California biker club. Ok, obviously I do.  Bored one night, I tried it. I got to a gory scene and turned it off. I tried it again one night (I have insomnia, read a lot, and really needed needed  a new tv series since Homeland and Breaking Bad are over now)! This time, I got it. And boy did I. Four seasons into it, I do not want finish. I'm savoring every minute of SAMCRO.

3. Mango Leather Jacket: I need this jacket to complete my biker babe wanna-be look. Also to toughen up my very un-biker looks. In other words, this jacket would go with everything in my closet.

4. Hermès Rivale: I love wrap bracelets. I have black ones. Gray would be a huge jolt of color in the sea of black. And those studs would match the ones on my black wrap just perfectly tying it all together in a nice leather bow.