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How to Clean your Makeup Brushes

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cleaning makeup brush

You know the drill, if you clean your face every day, (ahem- ideally twice a day) your skin will reward you by being clearer and brighter. Using dirty brushes puts old makeup, bacteria and dead skin cells *eww* back on your clean face, obviously defeating the purpose of washing! Plus, your makeup is not being applied as effectively as it can be.  But how often should you clean your makeup brushes? You should be wiping off excess makeup after every application. Try to clean makeup brushes once a week if you are using them everyday. If that's not do-able, then at least try for every other week or once a month. It helps prolong the life of your brushes and keeps the bristles clean and soft, and in turn, your brushes can provide years of use.

how to clean makeup brushes

 How to wash your brushes:

1. Wipe your brushes on a paper towel or towel to remove excess makeup.

2. Place lukewarm water in a bowl to the depth of the just below the top of the bristles. The water doesn't need to reach the top of the bristles nor any part of the brush and you definitely do not want water to touch the metal part of the brush or run down into the metal or wood parts.

3. Add just a few drops of baby shampoo,  mild shampoo, pure castile soap, or makeup brush cleaner as directed by the cleanser.

4. Dip the brush in cleanser and swirl for just a few seconds. The brush doesn't need to be saturated.

4. Remove some of the moisture on towel by dabbing on paper towel or towel.

5. Swirl brush in a bowl of plain water to rinse off cleanser.

6. Remove moisture from brush by squeezing between the towel or paper towel.

7. Reshape your brush, and let the bristles hang from the side of your sink so that one side doesn't rest against a flat surface. This helps prevent mildew on the brush.

Washing your face is only part of the picture of makeup application, remember to clean makeup brushes for clean, clear skin and streak free application!