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The Eternity Cure


While I absolutely adore reading and am always on the hunt for a series that has eluded me and an author I've overlooked, I'm not a huge fan of vampire novels. I realize this means I'm missing I'm entire YA genre, but seriously, how do you make a bite to the neck and love triangle feel feel unique after all the other vampire novels that, yes, I've read? When I received an advance copy of The Eternity Cure, by Julie Kagawa, I almost put it aside. Almost. What caught my eye and introduced me to a new beloved writer was one simple word about her that has absolutely nothing to do with vampires, or the fact that she is a New York Times bestselling author, or that she's another series that hit a home run, The Iron Fey. It was the word: Louisville. How could I ignore another Louisville transplant. I couldn't, thankfully, and now I'm a full-fledged Kagawa-groupie. The Eternity CureThe Eternity Cure is the second book of the Blood of Eden series and is "set in a bleak futuristic realm where humanity is besieged by vampires and monsters." Although the setting is bleak, the compassion of Allison Sekemoto, or Allie, the vampire we follow on a quest to save the world, is part of the reason I adored the book. There is also a family dynamic that adds humor to the  fantasy setting, and no love triangle. Finally, no love triangle. There is fighting, action and gore, but there is also romance and longing. In the true teen spirit of Romeo and Juliet, Allie's and Zeke's separation seems unsurmountable... yet the passion of the characters will keep a reader glued to the very last bloody drop. 

I do need to know what happens next and I'm anxiously awaiting the next installment in the series. I'm seriously hoping to bump into Julie Kagawa around town and see if she'll spill any secrets about Book 3. (I'm thinking she's the human version of Allison Sekemoto, a kick-ass author with a vivid imagination who I'd love to just chat with about ... um, I don't know... anything, but maybe Book 3.) But, my advice to anyone who was overlooking The Blood of Eden series (The Immortal Rules + The Eternity Cure) thinking they were just mere vampire novels: ignore your first instinct and pick them up and read. I'd start with The Immortal Rules and then read The Eternity Cure, because I wouldn't want to miss a word.

(The Eternity Cure available April 30, 2013)