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Cool things to do with Instagram photos


We <3 Instagram and wanted to find cool things to do with Instagram photos. Here are a few fun finds: Baking for Good cookies! Snapshot cookies use your instagram pictures and turn them into cookies with your photos. Wouldn't these make the perfect thank you for a tag-along trip or hostess gift?

Instagram ideas

Almost any print product you want is available from Prinstagram: mini books, mini prints that look like tiny polaroids, posters, stickers and cute flippable calendars, plus our favorite: tinybooks.


 Make a t-shirt at Instapparel - use your Instagram photos to create your own t-shirts.

Show mom how your art has grown up and get fridge magnets to replace those kindergarten pictures your mom still has. She'll be just as proud, and will heart it in real life. StickyGram

Postagram - send a postcard with a photo from your Instagram, Facebook or phone with this app.

PosterFuse - print a poster collage or create a Facebook page cover.


Want to see your Instagram photos in an Instagram-like frame all the time? Check out the InstaCube which is available for pre-order. It's described as a "living canvas for your Instagram or Facebook photos" and they are streamed throughout the day to the cube. No need to keep checking your phone.

You can print your favorite Instagram photo on wood by PlakThat.


Or on canvas, from Canvaspop. And if you want something a little less permanent (less expensive) then Static Pixels is the way to go since your print is on cardboard.

Want to turn your Instagram into a video? Then check out the Flipagram, an iTunes app, so you can share your photos with your friends and social community.

And if you want to get cozy with your pictures, Stitchagram is your website. You can create pillows, totes and clutches.

What do you plan to make with your Instagram photos? And don't forget to follow us @popcosmo  :lol: