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Super-easy DIY bangle

DIYKim & Chloe

The holidays are over, the boxes are opened, the gifts are all being enjoyed. But if your house is like ours, there are tons of leftover wrapping paper. And we hate leftovers! What to do with it? We decided to use some scraps we had to create a new bracelet for our DIY jewelry obsession. We upcycled wrapping paper into a cute DIY bangle that turned out pretty well... so much so that we will be making a few more. Let us know what you think! easy bangle bracelet project

Step 1: Gather your supplies: scissors, modge podge, wrapping paper or decorative paper, ruler, paintbrush or sponge brush and a plain wooden bangle. We ordered ours from DIYBangles.com. 

DIY bangle

Step 2: Measure the width of the bangle and cut double the width of the paper (to cover the outside and inside) plus the length.

Step 3: Cover the bangle in modge podge.

Step 4: Apply the paper to the bangle making sure the overlap is on the inside of the bangle. Apply a layer of modge podge to the outside of the bangle as a protective layer.

Step 5: Your bracelet will look like a white gooey mess. Don't worry, since it will dry clear. We used tinfoil to keep from making a mess!

DIY bangle bracelet

Step 6: After letting dry, enjoy your easy DIY bangle!

easy bangle bracelet project

How about you... do you have any holiday leftovers?