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How to look like a babe all the time

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Hannah Margaret is college student who looks like a babe all the time, our guest writer on high school tips, and blogger at hm tells us how to look stylish all the time, especially at school, when it's so tempting to just. be. comfortable. ~~ Let me just tell you, I have always struggled with being put-together. My mom is the most well-dressed, classy lady I know. As her child, I’ve always been a step behind. My hair is usually a mess, my outfit is too slouchy (it’s a cool look) and my nails to ragged. Here’s what I’ve learned about how to look stylish and let's just say, we need to get back to basics:

how to look stylish

1. Brush your hair. I think this is directed at my high school self. Wait, who am I kidding—I still need reminding. Keeping your locks clean and tame is a great way to look presentable even if you aren’t. I know this girl in one of my college classes that wears a t-shirt and shorts everyday (total sorority type), but, darnit, she curls her hair and looks great. Literally, you can trick people into thinking you look put-together by just having done hair. This also mean perfect the dirty but still chic bun/up-do. I pull all my hair and pin it on top of my head. I look like a ballerina. Another tricky move.

2. Wear the basics of makeup when needed. Never feel like you have to wear makeup because you don’t. And please, for the love, don’t wear too much. Pancake face is never cool. Raccoon eyes are never cute. And spider lashes are just scary. Less is more. My picks: Bare Minerals on the face, mascara on the lashes and the occasional Stella liquid eyeliner on the lids. That’s all!

3. Keep your nails in shape. I am a proponent of nail polish, but I am not saying that it’s a must to be presentable. Clean nails without polish are a great, natural look. Polish, or varnish as they say in England (culture lesson), needs to not be chipped. As an impatient person, I know how hard it is to let your nails dry and keep them looking nice, but let me tell you some tricks:

• Keep your polish in the fridge. Something about it being cold makes it dry faster. I don’t really know. Just do it. • Run your fingers under cold water after you paint them. • Always top and base coat them. Yellow-stained nails—never cute. Plus, it makes them glossy. • Have fun with colors and designs. Everyone is aware of all the cute ideas for nails but keep it classy babes (like always, duh). I personally am a fan of the accent nail. • Don’t bite or pick at your nails. I pull at my cuticles, and it looks horrid.

4. Carry yourself with confidence. Ask any guy, and they’ll tell you: confidence is attractive (not that you should ever, ever, ever judge your self-worth on what some dude says). Carry yourself with dignity and poise, and you’ll be a dime all the time (that’s so silly sounding, I had to use it). I know that being able to talk to someone and be silly is one of the most beautiful things to watch. Seriously, your homework is to people watch in a public place, and be aware of the people that are confident and sure of themselves. See how couples interact when they are strong individuals. There really is something to it.

As always, stay classy and cool—I don’t doubt for second that you are. Like always, send questions and comments my way. I’d love love love to hear from you: hannahmargaret@hmallen.com