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Pineville Heist


I am addicted to Law & Order, the new season and every rerun that exists... which is a lot! I love crime shows, drama, cute guys, and a great book. If you like action-packed stories, with a little mystery thrown in for fun, that happen to have a hot guy as the main character (and we know he's hot because Booboo Stewart from Twilight is playing him in the movie!)  then get your hands on The Pineville Heist by Lee Chambers. Pineville Heist Lee Chambers (author) and Booboo Stewart (star of Pineville Heist)

What's so cool about this book is that it was written by a screenwriter, so it kind of happened backwards. Most books are written and then optioned to be made into movies. This book is already going to be made into a movie, starring Booboo Stewart, who played Seth Clearwater in Twilight.


As soon as you begin reading, you get a clear picture of Aaron Stevens, a stereotypical teenage boy who just wants attention from his workaholic father. But life veers from ordinary to chaotic when Aaron takes a short-cut through the woods on his way to school, and he stumbles across a bank robbery that quickly escalates into a day that goes haywire. Aaron doesn’t realize that witnessing this crime scene will forever change his life, and potentially change his relationship with his father.

There is action non-stop throughout the book that makes it hard to find a good stopping point since there is always a cliffhanger that left me wanting to know more! My only complaint is that the action at the end gets a little repetitive, but I can understand it since it is based on a screenplay, and that scene is going to be awesome in a movie. Plus, there were so many surprises that I didn't expect, that it kept me on my toes all the way until the end.

I'd recommend this book if you like crime, drama, hot guys, reading about how teens get along with parents... or just want a quick read that will grab your attention and not let go. And, um, we'l be in line to buy tickets to the movie. Probably first in line.

Booboo Stewart