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We love discovering new sites, especially those that have a certain flair for style. Our new friends at Hello Perfect definitely have style, but they also have substance. Alexa and Angela describe Hello Perfect as "an inspirational fashion blog advocating that the challenge in life is not to become perfect, it's accepting that you already are."  We totally agree and think that co-bloggers, Alexa Carlin and Angela Ribbler, are two 20-somethings who want to change the world and redefine society’s definition of perfection. And you know what, we have a pretty good idea that whatever goals they set, they will achieve! college blogs

In their latest post, they take a look at what is the definition beauty with some fab quotes by beautiful women:

We live in a society where taking pictures to post on Facebook and Instagram are constantly at the top of our agendas and you can’t turn on the TV without seeing commercials advertising ways to make ourselves look better, skinnier, tanner or sexier. Fully submersed in this culture, it can often be hard to ignore the pressures of outward appearances and remember what beauty really is. Read more at Hello Perfect.

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Our favorite quote is the one by E. Roosevelt, which quote is your favorite?

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