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Free Justin Bieber Believe Tour Tickets (really!)


Are all your friends heading to the Justin Bieber Believe tour and you didn't score tickets? Keep believing... we've got you covered. With a little help from PopCosmo and Motorola, you might be heading to a concert in Louisville or Miami!  justin bieber tour tickets free

Option #1 Louisville: To enter: (a) become a follower of @popcosmo on Twitter (if you aren't already). (b)Then, post a tweet telling us why you* should win tickets to the Justin Bieber concert tomorrow night (11/2) with the hashtag #popcosmoJB  Since there are only 24 hours in this contest, your chances are pretty good at winning... tell all your friends and double them since they'll be so thankful they'll take you! Update: Louisville contest closed

Option #2 Miami:  Enter to win tickets to a stop along the Believe tour and an all-expense paid trip to see Justin’s last tour stop in Miami, along with a new smartphone from Motorola’s RAZR family of devices. To enter, just tweet a photo showing your Bieber Fever to #RowMLive or fill out the entry form at RowMLive.com between now and 1/5/2013. Enter to win tickets to concerts on the tour between now and 1/23/12 by filling out the entry from on RowMLive