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Cute Halloween Costumes

3d glasses dress
Halloween is literally right around the corner, and you know what that means: COSTUME TIME!
I have pretty much always done the home-made costume thing, but I usually decide what I want to be like three days before so I have to use what I have around the house. A few years ago though, I was a bumble bee and I bought the costume from Target (who still have great out the box teen costumes). Even though it wasn't a home-made costume it still was one of my favorite cute halloween costumes! It was huge and fuzzy and warm. I lived in Florida at the time and it was super cold that year, so I was glad I went with a very cozy costume choice.
This year though, I want to be something really cute and creative! Thank goodness for Pinterest, and Etsy, which is where the cover photo of the 3D dress is from (although not available - it's great inspiration), and Amazon because there are loads of cute Halloween costumes and ideas that I would never have been able to think of. Here are a few my choices and all of these pictures are on my FALLidays Pinterest board and they all link back to the original source from there.
Audrey Hepburn is obviously one of my favorite ladies, and it would be so fun to dress up like her for Halloween!
M&M's are a great way to go if you're feeling casual and need something warm, plus this costume could totally be worn solo, and it would also be fun in a group. If I was to do this costume then I would pick the blue one.
I can't even explain how much in love with this costume I am. My brother and I were avid Popeye and Olive Oyl watchers, so this one really hits home! I think the actual costume for Olive Oyl is super simple and cute. I guess all I need now is my Popeye so I'll set some spinach out....
I'm pretty sure I have been a candy cane girl before (in my costume out-of-the-bag days). It's so cute and girly without being over the top, and you never have to worry about anyone asking you what you are!
All-in-all I think these are all beyond precious costume ideas, and right now I'm leaning towards either being Olive Oyl or an M&M!  But there are zillions more ideas: take a box and paint it to be a Rubik's cube or use inexpensive fabric for fuzzy dice, wear a striped top and hat and be Where's Waldo, pin a leaf to a hat and blow on it (leaf blower - get it?), paint or tape flames on your jeans and you are.. wait for it... "liar, liar, pants on fire".  If you like make-up, go all out and and check out the Dia de los Meurtos makeup ideas on Pinterest. Amazing. Or keep it simple and buy a witch's hat. Whatever you do, have fun!
What do you think I should be?  What are you going to be?
Thanks for reading! 
xox, Chloe