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Chloe's fall wish list!

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fall wish list
I absolutely love fall fashion!! I feel like every year my wish-list for the new fall fashion trends gets longer and longer! This year I put together five looks that I absolutely LOVE and then I can narrow down what I need after I see what I want myself to be wearing. That doesn't really make much sense, but I'm going to pretend that you know what I mean;)
Here are the looks:
Wish list:
- a burgundy pair of jeans (these can literally be paired with anything! I think that if blue jeans were never invented, then these would be what people replaced them with.. at least in the fall time!)
- a nice pair of pearl studs (I've got the fake ones, but I think a real pair would be a nice treat!)
- cheetah print tory burch revas (these are beyond adorable! Even though cheetah is "trendy" now, I think that cheetah shoes are a staple piece because they can add an extra touch to a boring outfit and they can be worn as a neutral -- win win.)
- a cute scarf (I think a cute simple scarf is a must, I have a few scarfs already but they are all teal-ish blue and don't go with anything! I need/want one that I can wear all the time with any outfit)
- heels with the ankle strap (I've been sick again, and so I have been able to watch the today show in the mornings. they recently did a segment on shoe trends and they said that the platform/ankle strap heel combo is going to be HUGE for the fall time)
- a simple brown belt (I think belts sometimes look a little to manly on me, but I think they can look great when you tuck a shirt into your shorts/pants! I really need to find a cute neutral one that looks good on me!)
-a cute chunky sweater  (these are always in style for the fall/winter time. I bought one last year that I absolutely loved, and still do but I wore it almost every chance I could. I think a dark grey one would be great)
That's my wish list for the fall time! I can't wait to start checking things off!!
thanks for reading!