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How to Survive High School: Tips on Taking Pictures

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Hannah Margaret is a Zooey Deschanel look-alike, college student, our guest writer, and blogger at hm. ~~ Your “How to Survive High School” today could be a valuable lesson I pass on to you darling ladies, but this will not be one of them. This is a ridiculous (but useful, in my opinion) tidbit on how, when, and where to take pictures. Tips on taking pictures, now, more so than ever, are crucial to our day-to-day lives and I want to show you the best way to harness the power (I feel like there is a superhero reference to be made here). The value of capturing a memory, especially in such an exciting time of life, is vital. Taking photos is the best way to remember your High School years and here are some ways to remember your years in hilarious, fun, and classy ways because, get real, these years are, in fact, hilarious and fun (and we need to remember to stay classy). 1. First and foremost, a warning: Utilize your social networking outlets with care. You must share with the awareness that the public, the creeps included, will see what you're posting. So share with caution. After you take that into consideration, post photos of fun and interesting things you're doing. Keep the selfies to a minimum, because it can after all, send the wrong message. I suppose the key here is utilize but don't bombard. Instagram is my utmost fave in the realm of photo sharing.

how to survive high school

2. My favorite: do the jumping picture. As a senior in college, a brilliant, random jumping photo sounds perfect to me, but I just shouldn't. I've outgrown it. Jump while you still are young enough to do so! Some of my highlighted memories as a high school student were times when I jumped for the camera. I got busted for doing in London this February. It was cute but it was too much for a mature young woman like myself (complete sarcasm).

how to survive high school

3. Take too many photos at events, especially football games. In my mind, there is nothing more American than a shot of some school spirited buddies, enjoying those Friday night lights. I cherish all those memories. Also, sleepovers are included events. The goofy, absurd photos I took in the wee hours of the morning are my favorite. They are terrible but hilarious. Do it, you'll love it later on. 

how to survive high school

4. Print your photos and either a.) bulletin board b.) frame c.) scrapbook or d.) collage them. I know that this seems obvious it you'd be surprised. I've lost many photos because I haven't printed them and they get deleted or something else tragic happens. I don't even mention the idea of my computer crashing. Also, this allows all you artsy folk to display your masterpieces.

Ultimately, now is the time to document and record. Now is the time to have silly and goofy moments and to have cute and crazy outfits. I am desperate to be where you darlings are because it is so fun. So remember that and have blast!  xoxo

how to survive high school

~By Hannah Margaret Allen. For a fantastically great posts and a well-traveled blog adventure, check out HannahMargaretAllen.blogspot.com