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Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry


If you’re a fan of books with a little bit of mystery with romance thrown in, then Pushing The Limits is definitely a book you want to pick up ASAP. This book is a little “darker” than most teen books, but that's what drew me into it once I started reading. And once I started it, I couldn't stop for the 2 days it took me to finish it. Pushing the Limits has received well-deserved praise, and you can add ours to the list. I love this book and absolutely recommend it! pushing the limits by katie mcgarry

Pushing The Limits is about a Echo, a senior in high school, who has a bi-polar mother who tried to hurt her, but Echo repressed the memory of what actually happened on that brutal night. Throughout the book you follow Echo to see how she copes with what happened and the repressed memory. We all have our own issues, but what if we had to physically wear them like Echo does with the scars that were left on her arm and the assumptions others have about her? I can't imagine being in her position, and kept placing myself in her shoes and wondering what it would be like to actually be Echo... which, to me, means I'm reading such a fab book that I'm getting lost in it and kudos to the writer! I felt Echo's pain, I wanted to be her friend, and I wanted to know what would happen to her. When Echo befriended bad boy, Noah, who also had endured a tragedy, they become attracted to each other. I rooted for them both, and was drawn to these characters like true friends.

The voice of the book switches back and forth between Echo and Noah, and it’s really fascinating to see what each of the characters thinks about situations. Pushing the Limits is a book I would recommend for teens who like mysteries and dramas with an edge and romance. I'm definitely looking forward to more books by Katie McGarry and if you are lucky enough to catch her on a book tour - GO - she's awesome and welcoming.

pushing the limits by katie mcgarry