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Clip-in Hair Extensions: Get Colored!

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Clip in hair extensions with color allows to you experiment with hair color, without committing to it... and without dip-dying the ends and having to go through the whole process of bleaching then coloring. Katy Perry might be able to change her hair color every day, and now you can too! You can try a color for a while, change it up, love it and then leave it with no regrets. How? With clip-in hair extensions you can have fun, without committing to a color long term. Feel like matching your hair color with your jeans or your nails, not a problem! How much intensity and boldness is in your control: try subtle color hidden under your top layers for a peek of color, or go for an all out explosion of color with a few clips together, it's up to you!

colored hair extensions

There are  a two main options when experimenting with clip-in hair extensions:

1. Synthetic versions available at your local drugstore for just a few dollars. They range from $2-$10 and vary in length, width and color. One example is the Mia Clip-n-Dipped Ends for $10 at CVS. 2. Dyed human hair that is clipped into your hair is available at salons from $12-15 per strand and is reusable. We suggest going to your local salon and asking for a non-synthetic version, such as SHE by So.Cap.USA extensions. They are made from human hair and dyed in a rainbow of colors and are about $12-15 per strand. They are available as clip-ins and you can call 877-855-4247 for a salon near you. We prefer these over the drugstore variety because they look and act like... well... real hair! Once your stylist shows you how to insert the clip-in hair extension, you 'll be able to do it on your own. Here's what they look like in purple:

colored hair extensions

Feeling blonde? Or are you having a pink streak? Try it for a day or two... and there's no commitment. And no permanently dyed hair. Something you and your mom will agree is a good thing as you work your way through the rainbow....

color hair extensions