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Monogram mania!

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monogram tray

Monograms are hot on just about everything. As Reese Witherspoon said, "if it's not moving, monogram it," and we love it monograms on everything from hats, to jewelry, to school items, to phone cases. We'll show you a few of our favorite monograms, some new ideas, a DIY, and the cutest monogram giveaway. Ever!

monogram giveaway
Design Darling has a sensational site full of lust-worthy gifts (for yourself or your friends) plus a gorgeous selection of monogrammed items. We especially adore this monogram acrylic tray because it's useful for anything you can imagine. It's a sturdy tray that is perfect for your makeup, notecards, jewelry or even as a desk organizer. We love that the monogram can be customized with your choice of color: hot pink, light blue, lime green, navy blue, or white, so it is sure to match any decor. It helps organize and brighten at the same time! And we have it as giveaway for you! (enter at the end of the story)

ANYthing can be monogrammed! Think bandeau bathing suits, t-shirts, iPhones, luggage tags... walls, etc. Since we live in t-shirts and shorts, that's what we monogrammed. Just take them to your local monogramming shop. You might not realize that some sewing shops will also monogram for a whole lot less than a monogramming shop, so be sure to do a little research before you splurge! We used to get towels done very inexpensively in a small town we lived in, but we've also always relied on Lands' End and LL Bean for exemplary monogramming.

monogram tee shirt

monogram nikes

We also like a our DIY monograms too. We painted a lap desk to put our computer on (since leaving it on the bed can cause it to overheat). Here's how to personalize a lap desk, or any hard surface you want to monogram, such as a monogram notebook). These instructions work best for a harder surface, while tracing the letters work better on a fabric.  Of course, if you have a stencil for your exact size, use that! We didn't and since we prefer to use items we have around the house, here's how we did it:

Gather your supplies: -a lap desk (or any other hard surfaced material) -a piece of paper with your monogram printed out -a pencil -paint -paintbrushes

Before you start, you are going to want to print out your monogram. We chose a curly font, but you can choose whichever one you want. As a reference, we used a font size in the 200 range and used the “bold” option. After you print it out, you are going to flip the piece of paper over, and begin scribbling with pencil all over the text. Make sure you cover every single part of each letter, because this allows it to transfer.

monogram ideas

After you’ve finished scribbling on the back, turn your paper back over to the front side and tape it down on the lap desk or your preferred surface so it won’t move around.

monogram ideas

After you’ve taped the paper down, you are going to want to trace each part of the letters. A little tip is that it is only necessary to trace the outer most part of each letter. Once you have finished, you can remove the piece of paper and get ready to paint! (note, it doesn’t look like ours transferred in the picture, but it’s just the lighting, it's more visible in the picture below).

monogram ideas


Next choose a color paint, and begin to paint inside your tracings. Don’t worry if you go out side the lines, because you can scrape the unwanted parts off with a pointy object. You may need to paint a few coats.

monogram ideas

You’re done! Now you can just sit back and admire your masterpiece. If you are worried about the paint chipping, cover with a layer of ModgePodge to seal.

monogram ideas

  Enter to win the Design Darling monogram tray which retails for $42! Choose the color monogram to match your decor... Good Luck!

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