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White after Labor Day: A fashion DO!

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We are all for following rules... that is when it comes to listening to parents, teachers, obeying traffic laws, etc. But when it comes to color in fashion, forget about it... there are no rules! "No white after Labor Day" may have been a strict rule in our Grandmother's generation, but it has slowly but surely gone the way of the rotary phones and black & white television. Although we adore our grandmothers (shout-out to the Mimis and Grandmas and Bubbes!) old-fashioned is not for us, although some killer vintage style certainly is. It's not that fashion rules don't have their place, as in what silhouettes look best on a what shapes, but not when it comes to color.  White can be your friend, even after Labor Day and by "whites" we mean the range from a true white, to cream to off white. Keep in mind your skin tone and what color looks best on you. But, also bear in mind: if it's a summer fabric, keep it in the closet. Wear those whites after Labor Day, but remember that a sheer white cotton dress is still a summer dress! A heavy white denim can make the transition from summer to fall with ease. 



white out


white out!
white out!
white out!