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Back to school apps

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The whole point of being mobile is taking our lives with us, and that includes knowledge too! Finding great back to school apps means we can be clever on the fly and learn without having to lug books around. But we can also take it a step beyond. Sometimes and app can do more than just be a reference or help us kill time, it can take learning to a whole new level. These back to school apps can help you learn more when a teacher hasn't quite answered all the questions, or can help you if you have a project and need to do some more research. They can also help you when you are wanting to learn more and don't know where to turn. As we all know, there's an app for that! high school apps

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The Elements: A visual Exploration

The periodic table like you've never seen it before. It's live! Maybe the visual impact will help the rote memorization stick. iPad only, $6.99


There really is a quick way to learn math, and it's not cheating to learn these tricks. And it is kind of fun. If you like this sort of this sort of thing (you know, better grades and faster problem solving.) iPhone, iTouch, Ipad, $0.99

Wolfram Alpha

If you had a genius as a friend who you could ask any question and they would know the answer, it's name would be Wolfram Alpha. Try and stump it. iPad, iPhone, iTouch, $1.99 

Solar Walk - 3D Solar System model

If you are not into space, this will change your mind. If you are, then get this, ASAP since it's 70% off now for back-to-school. This is the coolest thing ever. Out of this world, even! iPhone, iPad, iTouch, $0.99

Art Authority for iPad

It won the "Best iPad Reference App of 2011" and it's probably because it's like having a virtual musuem of all the museums on your iPad. Pretty cool for all you artistes out there. Or anyone who wants to learn a bit more about art! iPad, $4.99

We hope that one of these back to school apps was the perfect fit for you!