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Fashion on a Budget

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Fashion is all about finding the style that looks best on you... not about buying the most expensive piece of clothing and thinking the price tag comes with style! There are some great fashion finds for savvy gals looking to spend less, and we've found some bargains that are pretty close to the designer duds. Target always has fab finds. We've seen patent leather belts like J.Crew for a whole lot less, to Kate Spade-ish jewelry, to Bauble Bar looking jewelry at a fraction of what you would pay for the designer version. There are times it is worth it to splurge -- investment pieces that are able to withstand fashion fluctuations. But if an item is only going to last a season, either because you are growing or because it's trendy, then have fun and buy a knock-off. If you plan on keeping that item for a long time and it's a classic... buy an investment piece and save up babysitting money. Or put it on a wish-list for a birthday or holiday. Fashion on a budget can be fun and just as trendy as more expensive, designer clothes!


cheap chic
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red jeans
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We also love our Ditto's red skinny jeans for a mid-price version!
Tory Burch boots
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pink dresses

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cheap chic : sweaters

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 There you go! Fashion on a budget... and more money for you to save! Looking stylish is in the attitude, not the price tag :)