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Amy and Alyssa are have a fashion blog called EastCoastClad.com. What struck us about this cool fashion blog was that it's written by two stylish college gals who are BFFs - in separate cities! We had to know how all the deets: who, what, why, etc! And we were just dying to know everything about their summer internships at Teen Vogue and College Fashionista!fashion blogAmy, age 21

Always has: my iPhone, lipgloss/lipstick, nail polish on my nails.

Proudest of: my ability to always manage to get stuff done..no matter how long I procrastinate.

Is thankful for: my supportive family. I wouldn't be in NYC this summer if it weren't for their love and support.

Wants to: be able to afford all the clothes I've ever wanted, cure cancer, be the best friend/sister/girlfriend/daughter I can, and cook well!

Is afraid of: having lipstick on my teeth!

Believes everyone should: dress to impress. Dressing good makes you feel good!

Is embarrassed by: tripping when you are alone and have no friend with you to laugh with..those situations are so awkward!

My style is: simple, trendy and chic. I follow trends but only if I like them! Never wear a trend that doesn't look good on you, or you don't like.

Pet peeve: slow walkers! NYC is full of slow walkers. I am just trying to get somewhere people...speed up!

fashion blogAlyssa, age 20

Always has: My iPhone attached to my hip, a hair tie on hand, and hiccups (almost everyday).

Proudest of: All my accomplishments in college; good grades, societies/clubs and the side jobs (College Fashionista and East Coast Clad).

Is thankful for: My amazing support system through all of this. My family, friends and boyfriend do anything they can to help me out. Most of all Amy, I have learned so much from her.

Wants to: Work in the Creative Department of one of my favorite designers/Rule the world.

Is afraid of: Settling in life and not doing everything in my power to follow my dreams.

Believes everyone should: Not judge a book by its cover! You would be surprised by all the beautiful people out there.

Is embarrassed by: Other people's action--if someone else does something embarrassing I feel embarrassed for them.

My style is: A mixture of Audrey Hepburn and Camilla Belle, classic with some funky flare.

Pet peeve: When people talk about money in public, and when people do not respect their elders--BIG no-nos.


Why blog together instead of separately - especially from different cities?

We have always loved to talk about fashion and blogs that we like to follow. Then one day while we were talking about blogs we came up with the idea to collaborate and make our own blog. While at separate schools we came up with our name, logo, themes, and layouts. All of this happened through text messages, phone calls, emails, and Facebook without one miscommunication. We always played around with the idea that we would not normally be in the same place, so that is where east coast came from.

How do you decide what subjects to blog about?

We took inspiration from some of our favorite blogs such as Pink Peonies, Atlantic-Pacific, and Rockstar Diaries. One day we sat down and did not get up until we felt like we had enough topics and themes to write about. We came up with themes like Hot Spots, Life Style, and Happy Weekend. Each one is different, which gives us so much to write about.

Describe your style: Our blogging is casual. When we are writing posts we joke around and basically pretend like we are talking to our friends. At the same time we are still careful about spelling and grammar (thanks to Amy).

What's the best part about working with a friend? Hardest part? The best part about working together is that we are excited to hear about each others ideas. If a new idea comes up with both add to it and then it becomes something even better. Both of us do this because we love fashion and we want to share that with anyone who will listen. The hardest part is as friends we do not get to see each other a lot.

fashion bloggersAmy, give us the scoop about interning at Teen Vogue! I started interning here at the end of May and will be here until the end of August. It's been amazing so far!! I am interning in the marketing department and am helping two women with merchandising. Check out more about it on the Teen Vogue Fashion U website.

a. Tell us about the shoe closet, the accessories closet! Unfortunately, I am not on the same floor as our editorial department so I don't get to see the closet. I did tour the floor during Teen Vogue Fashion University last year (which everyone should apply for! It's amazing!) and the closet is amazing. There are so many clothes, shoes and accessories. A fashionista's dream come true.

b. Is it like the movies with tons of freebies, lots of celebs and parties? I have gotten a few free items here and there, but nothing too huge!  I have spotted a few celebs on the streets of NYC (Will Smith, Ethan Hawke, Blake Lively). I did see Ramona from Real Housewives in our building during my first week here...and I am still waiting to spot Anna Wintour! Such an idol, and I went to one event for Absolut Vodka with another intern.

c. Any Devil Wears Prada moments? Definitely not! Everyone is SO nice and they treat us just like any other employee. Sometimes I do coffee runs but I get coffee for myself so I definitely don't mind! And I haven't gotten to go into the closet and take anything I want... that moment definitely never happens at fashion magazines!

d. Favorite NYC boutiques that won't break the bank. There are tons of great stores near China Town/ SoHo that sell trendy clothes for cheap. They may not be as good of quality as another store, but if you are looking for a cheap, trendy item check out places like Amsterdam Boutique. Other affordable places I like are: Zara, H&M, Uniqlo, Joe Fresh and J.Crew. These stores may be anywhere in the U.S. but their NYC locations are AMAZING. They are bigger and have so much merchandise!

e. How do you get a job at a great place like Teen Vogue??? Any advice? If you want to break into the fashion industry, get as much experience as you can in retail, blogging and writing. I write for CollegeFashionista as well as East Coast Clad, and blogging for CollegeFashionista has gotten me so many places. I was able to attend Teen Vogue Fashion U last October where I met a woman who works in the marketing department at Teen Vogue. I got her email and we kept in touch.  Look for alumnus..they are always willing to help out students from their alma mater! So my advice to land your dream job/internship: network, be nice, keep in touch with contacts, and attend events like Fashion U! {Teens, if you have a blog or vlog - you can get started by blogging, vlogging or writing for popcosmo!}

f. Can you tell us about being in a long-distance relationship this summer? My boyfriend is an amazing journalist and is writing/editing for the Baltimore Sun this summer. We both have awesome internships and love what we are doing, but being away has been tough. It has been hard but definitely worth it. Be sure to follow your dreams, no matter what, and the ones you love will support you.

fashion bloggersAlyssa, tell us about College Fashionista and what type of work you are doing. College Fashionista is something that I heard about from Amy. She got me into the idea of becoming a Style Guru and I love it. Every week I find a fashionable person on the street and take pictures of their style. Everyday is a different category and my category is Style Advice of the Week, which is on Monday. Which means I focus on one component of the Fashionista/o's outfit. I discuss why I chose them, what they are wearing and why it works. I add links to similar items so the viewers can shop the look. It is so much fun meeting new people, and everyone I have approached is more than happy to be photographed. It is a compliment to be approached for your style and I love seeing how happy people get when I tell them what I do. This whole experience has taught me about social media, photography and most importantly time management.

a. You like red lipstick - what are your favorite brands and colors? I have a sick obsession with makeup but I always go straight to the lipsticks and stains. An all time favorite of mine would have to be "Wine With Everything" by Revlon. All the women in my family wear it from my Great Grandmother, Grandmother, Mother and now me--it's like a tradition. Some other would have to be; Smashbox's "Infrared," M.A.C.'s "Russian Red," and NARS's "Shanghai Express." Most importantly you cannot forget about the lipliners, and glosses that complete the look.

b. Favorite styles for fall? Fall fashions are my favorite there are so many more options and there is more room for creativity. A classic look for fall that seems to always be my go-to is skinny jeans, boots, and a cardigan with lots of layers. I love the warmth of a sweater and chunky scarf on a chilly autumn day. It just makes me want to throw on my favorite knit J.Crew sweater and drink coffee. I am a cold weather kind of girl and it seems to make up most of my wardrobe.

c.  Favorite boutiques in Baltimore that are budget-friendly?  I am a thrifter! I love going into vintage store and consignment shops and finding my unique pieces there. I love when I find vintage designer pieces, they are my holy grail of fashion. Some places where I love to shop would definitely have to be Urban Chic, Sassanova, South Moon Under, and J.Crew in Harbor East. In Fells Point some would to be; Party Dress, Cupcake and Stella & Dot.

d. Your go-to going out outfit? Lately my go-to going out outfit has been minimalist dresses with colorful accessories and red lips of course. I love how simple it is and how good you feel. When I see some girls who are wearing six-inch heels and tight things I think to myself "that cannot be comfortable!" Remember you are going out which involves walking most of the time, and you want to comfortable and ready for whatever the night throws at you.

e. Favorite hairstyle that looks hard but isn't. Doing different things to my hair has always been a challenge for me. I have long wavy hair that does not like to do anything I want it to. Recently I purchased a Hot Tools curling iron because I love long loose curls. I have been watching videos on YouTube on how to master the perfect curl, but the best video to watch has to be by Michelle Money. She uses the same curling iron that I have and she talks the whole time about different things. She teaches you the do's and dont's of curling hair and how to achieve the "Michelle Money Curl". I highly recommend her videos and the Hot Tools Curling Iron Marcelgrip 1 1/2".

f. Best beauty tip? Less is always more. You always want to make your makeup look natural, you never want to cover up your natural beauty. So if you are wearing a bold lip, you should tone down the eyes with neutral colors and visa vera. Also, bronzer is for emphasizing shadows and giving your face a healthy glow. It is not foundation and should not cover your entire face.

What a wealth of information from these two cool fashion bloggers. EastCoastClad.com may be new, but they obviously know their fashion, beauty and hot spots. We can't wait to see what the future holds for them and are excited to not only share their tips with you, but try a few of them ourselves! ~Stay fashionable!