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Popular videos of the week


We found two popular videos that blew us away by Cimorelli and MattyBRaps, both of whom have loads of videos. We gave you a taste of both to compare, a cover by 1D, because who doesn't love a little One Direction? But trust us, all their videos are fun and may find their way into our popular videos of the week cuz we have a feeling we'll be seeing lots more from Cimorelli, the six singing sisters from California, and MattyBRaps! No more Carly Rae Jepsen "Call Me Maybe" videos (this week, at least) so check out these One Direction videos to see who does it best!  We kind of like them both!! But nobody ever accused us of being exclusive when it comes to music, we like it al!  :lol:

You wouldn't think a race would make it into popular videos of the week, but what would you do if you were about to win a critical race, but a competitor was in pain? Would you stop and carry her across the finish line? This show of sportsmanship defines "selfless" and blows us away.

Turf's audition. Caution: This video might make you cry... and smile... and want to chase your dreams. Now.

High School may be over this year, but this video touched us like no other. A school that can pull every single group together for a common goal, and we mean EVERY group, deserves applause -- and a YouTube video to show the pride. We just love it! If your school has done something similar, SEND IT TO US!

"Dancing feet"... oh yeah!

Milk in my sippy cup - see, you can make a video about anything!