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I'm always looking for teen beauty products and I tried a new body scrub by Vintage Body Spa and learned something new about myself I'm ashamed to admit: I'm a sucker for packaging. Bright, shiny, girly packaging. I  judge teen beauty products by their cover and didn't even realize it until I opened the body scrub and and did a double take... in fact... a triple take.teen beauty products I opened Vintage Body Spa Body Scrub in Mint Julep and went "wow" this smells really good. I dug my finger in to apply it to my skin and said it again. I scrubbed it on my skin and repeated "wow" (I know, I should've come up with a more original word, but I was in awe of the fresh minty smell). What was most amazing about the smell was that it was lively, and not overpowering. Especially in teen beauty products, you know how sometimes the scent is just fake, for lack of a better description? It smells like it's been added in just to make it smell good? This Body Scrub smell is... well... REAL, and real good. I honestly can't get over how good it smells. But it also makes my skin feel so soft and smooth. My mom has this super-soft skin on her legs that I've always loved and always ask her how she gets. Which then just gets her started on how I need to take care of my skin and I never get the secret. But now I have the secret. I honestly will be using this Vintage Body Spa Body Scrub and saying "wow" every day since my legs are now as soft as hers!  Plus, it's easy to use: just apply the scrub in the shower and it exfoliates your skin and leaves your legs or elbows or knees or feet feeling so smooth and fresh that I bet you'll be saying "wow" all day too! teen bath products I've also been looking for teen beauty products to help my skin, so I tried by Vintage Body Spa's Detoxifying Masque. After washing my face, I added in Rose Water and Aloe Juice (that I purchased at Whole Foods) in equal parts and mixed them with the powder to form a paste.  I let it dry for about 15 minutes.  It looked like a typical masque, but felt good and didn't tingle, which was nice. I think using it regularly will help minimize my breakouts. I plan to use it every other week and see how much it helps. What I like about it is that my mom and I have different types of skin and we can share it because you add in different ingredients to mix with the powder depending on your skin type.  I know that clay pulls out impurities, but I've never used a masque that I mix myself, and I'm very eager to use it more often and see the results!

Vanilla Chai Whipped Shea Butter - OMG, again, this is amazing. My elbows and knees get really cracked and dry, especially in the summer, which is weird. Most people's get that way in the winter, but mine almost get chapped in the summer, so I need something heavy duty to stop them from looking dry.  This is the perfect answer.  I'll be putting it on after a shower (especially after the Body Scrub to lock in the moisture). And, once again, I LOVE the smell. My preferred drink is Chai Latté and this smells just like it!  So, I'll put this on before bed and have sweet dreams of cafes!  But, let me explain this shea butter since it's like nothing I've ever felt: like the name says, it's whipped and the consistency is like whipped cream, but in solid soap form.  After you put it on your hands and other dry areas, your skin will feel amazing. But, I would recommend using it right after a shower or just before bed because it takes a while to soak in and you wouldn't want it on your fingertips while you are typing or anything.  All in all, this product is amazing!!

Suga' Lips Lip Balm  comes in the cutest tin :lol: And keeping with my love of lattés, I got it in Vanilla Latté. Yum!  And no sticky residue, no tackiness, and it absolutely moisturizes.  I tell you, I will NOT be judging teen beauty products by their packaging again. Vintage Body Spa has convinced me that no pink packaging on the outside can still means absolute love on the inside.  I'm in sweet-smelling, smooth-skin, moisturized heaven!