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Summer Mashup: colorblock ballet flats

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Hello, it's Lisa from In Dramatic Fashion, PopCosmo’s Fashion Contributor with the latest style tips and trends from NYC. Our favorite summer mashup doesn't involve any music, it's a fashion pairing of two tried and tested trends: color blocking and ballet flats together for super-hot colorblock ballet flats. Tracing this trend back to spring, we saw that in fashion there are certain styles and trends that have stood the test of time to become “classics.” One of these is the cap-toe pumps, thanks in no small part to the style icon creators at Chanel. Colorblock chanel

However, this year, just as the classic trench was updated in a rainbow of colors, cap-toe pumps were reinvented. No longer strictly reserved for mid-height pumps, the style reemerged in sky-high and metallic, and everyone else followed! The summer incarnation is colorblock ballet flats, and the trend is showing no signs of slowing down.

It's always with white, and the metallic tip keeps it on trend.

Colorblock ballet flat

Bright and cheerful, orange and lilac screams hot summer days.

colorblock ballet flats

And neon adds a fun jolt of color to a demure tan skin.

Ann Taylor colorblock ballet shoes

Keepin' it classic with patent colorblock.


Colorblock ballet flats are an easy way to inject a bit of vintage glamour into an everyday look. Pointy, colorblock flats with a full sundress are a fun feminine look, and rounded flats with ankle cropped pants immediately conjure Audrey Hepburn. Just switch up the colors and textures to reflect your own quirky personality!

colorblock ballet flat


cap toe skinny jeans

For more style tips, be sure to check out Lisa's fantastic blog, In Dramatic Fashion. Happy shoe shopping and wearing the latest trends, like colorblock ballet flats. Let us know what you are wearing them with in the comments below!

Cover image via atlantic-pacific.blogspot.com