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So what's up with The Otter Bay Company and what's an otter got to do with nouveau prep? Here's what: do you have a favorite t-shirt? (That's rhetorical, of course you do, everybody does, right?) Mine's the one t-shirt that my mom always looks at me wearing and starts to roll her eyes, because I just wore it yesterday or the day before or 3 days before. But, unfortunately, my fave summer t-shirt doesn't fit anymore, so I've been searching for a new one. Which got me thinking... what makes a favorite t-shirt? perfect tee

And I've come up with a few ideas.

1. It's got to be a great color. 2. The fit has to be exceptional. 3. It has to be comfortable enough to want to sleep in it, and occasionally I do. 4. It has to be borrow-worthy. 5. It has to be cute, of course.

Otter Bay

So I started my search... and found THE SHIRT. The Otter Bay Company t-shirts. I hadn't seen them around, but spotted them on a few preppy Tumblrs I follow.  I went crazy for the colors. So I got 2 from The Otter Bay Company - thank you, thank you, guys - and they are better than they look online.  The t-shirt colors are vibrant, the fit is slimming, they are really comfortable, and I love the material. I don't know enough about fabric other than to say it's a fabric that breathes and stretches.  Meaning sweat pits and binding arms are a thing of the past. They are borrow-worthy (but I won't be lending because I'll be wearing them too often) and they are definitely cuter-than-cute. Plus, I adore the deep-V and the longer length. The cut is perfect, but very junior, meaning size up at least one size, maybe even 2 sizes. I usually wear a small and the medium is snug. I might try a large and see how it fits.

So, I'm done, my checklist complete, the perfect tee is found just in time for summer and I'm set.  I'm a fan of the otter: The Otter Bay Company, you rule. ~Chloe