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Videos of the Week


Our top videos of the week run the gamut of summer smash to mathematical wonder to childhood wonders, from oldies but goodies to brand spankin' new.  Enjoy!

"This is Love" by will.i.am featuring Eva Simon. Is it going to be summer's biggest hit - THE summer anthem? What do you think - are you feeling the love?

Doodling IS... math?  Huh?  Just watch, seriously.

Gosh, do you want to feel like you are channeling Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible and Keanau Reeves in The Matrix? Then you just might need to Leap.  And little brothers and sisters will be saying, "what do you mean you had to use a 'mouse'"?

Remember the word that you just couldn't get? what was yours? S'getti (spaghetti) or ....