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Preppy Kicks

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Womens boat shoes are the new preppy kicks. But these are not your typical boat shoes - they are preppy boat shoes, not your mama's plain brown boat shoes! From sparkles to seersucker to sequins to plaid, you are sure to find something that will suit your prepster taste. The original boat shoe was made of a leather top with a rubber bottom that had grooves in the bottom, much like a tire. The treads provided grips so that you could actually wear them on a boat and wouldn't slip when they got wet. They were truly boat shoes and the leather top could repel water if taken care of properly. But times have changed and women's boat shoes now are more fashionable than practical. The tops of these preppy kicks on your women's boat shoes will not be repelling any water, but the bottoms will still do a good job of stopping you from sliding around when it's wet or raining. So, we think they are functionally fashionable, plus they are pretty cute! It's time for some preppy kicks for our wardrobe, especially since they look good with just about anything casual. Just don't wear socks. And for tips on how to tie the laces, watch this 1 minute video and you won't have to tie your shoes again. We"ll show you how to tie your laces the original preppy way, on an old pair of L.L.Bean blucher mocs (as shown below with with the others preppy kicks).

The only hard decision you'll have to make with your preppy kicks is what style to choose! ? Happy browsing and tell us your favorites in the comments below!

women's boat shoes

Pink Seersucker boat shoe from Sperry, $75

silver sparkle women's boat shoes


Silver Sparkle? boat shoe from Sperry, $64.99

preppy kicks women's boat shoe

Gold Python boat shoe from Sperry, $64.99

lime boat shoes

Lime Patent boat shoe from Sperry, $125

classic boat shoe

LLBean Blucher Mocs, not your typical boat shoe, but a preppy kick just the same, $69


women's boat shoes

Hot Pink & Citrus boat shoe by Sebago, $95

plaid women's boat shoes


Plaid boat shoe by Sebago, $70

preppy boat shoes

Pink Sequins by Sperry, $75

zebra boat shoes

Zebra boat shoe by Sperry, $75