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Chloe's Beauty Challenge-$10 Teen Beauty Tips

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Chloe loves makeup and loves to try new brands, and loves to wander the aisles in beauty, department, and drugstores. But last minute purchases don’t always turn out to be as great as she hopes. So we decided to create a new column just for her: $10 Teen Beauty Tips. Every few weeks she’ll go shopping for makeup or beauty items that catch her eye, from an ad or from shopping the aisles. But since that’s too easy of a task, we wanted to make Chloe’s Beauty Challenge a “real” challenge: she has a tight budget for her Teen Beauty Tips: only $10. And, voil? ! Chloe’s Beauty Challenge was born. ? She found out it’s not that easy to buy things on a whim while on a budget, but she’s having a lot of fun and learning tons of great teen beauty tips, which she’ll share with you. Here goes! Maybelline’s Color Tattoo 24 Hr. eye shadow has been all the rage since it came out, so I decided that I should try it myself. Although the color selection is slim, I chose the color “Tough as Taupe”. This product is absolutely awesome, and has been said to be the same quality, if not better, than the Mac PaintPots. The consistency of this product is so smooth, and very easy to apply. The quality is great, and it really does last all day. I say run out and get it! Because of the low price and ease of application and long wear, this product recieve 5 out of 5 stars. $6.99

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Maybelline? Volum'Express One by One Mascara. Because my eyes are very sensitive I am always reluctant to try drug store mascaras, but I decided to try out this product anyway because that's sort of the point of this challenge. The applicator of this mascara is a plastic-y material, and I found that it was easy to apply. This mascara isn’t waterproof, but I haven't cried while wearing it and stayed intact. The plus side was that it was very easy to remove with make-up remover. The only thing I don’t like about this product is that it started to get clumpy after only about two months, and I think mascaras should last at least three months, if not longer. All in all I give this mascara 3 out of 5 stars. $8.49

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I was a little over budget this week, but I was a little under budget last week, so it all evens out, right? ? Yep. ? Until next time... Chloe.