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DIY necklace... the easy way!

DIYKim & Chloe

Our DIY necklace has a story behind it that just proves style has nothing to do with how much you can spend, and everything to do with ingenuity and creativity! While reading Lisa's always inspiring site, In Dramatic Fashion, as I regularly do, I noticed a picture of her that stopped me in my tracks, or rather from scrolling. It wasn't just the perky smile, the adorable dog, or her impeccable taste (seriously, pointy toe pumps, colored jeans and denim shirt - the spring trifecta!), it was that stunning necklace. Check it out: DIY Necklace

Although our Style Contributor, Lisa, as befitting her title, is always impeccably stylish, her necklace was absolutely to die for. So I immediately asked her where she bought it. "Oh that," she casually replied, "I made it." Being the ultimate fashionista that she is, she agreed to tell share her head-turning DIY necklace secret. Here you go:

I love embellished blouses and sweaters, but I also happen to be incredibly clumsy. Recently I got overexcited while talking and, while holding a pen, stained one of my favorite bejeweled tunics with blue ink. I always received lots of compliments while wearing this shirt, and I figured most of them were due to the bib-like detailing around the neck. Rather than let a favorite top go to waste, I salvaged my favorite aspect of the shirt by creating a necklace. I still receive comments from strangers on the street about the new necklace, and now I can slyly say, “I made it.” This DIY necklace is incredibly simple, and a great way to repurpose detailing from any clothing you stain or no longer wear.

DIY necklace

1. First cut around the jeweled neckline leaving ½ inch of excess fabric without jewels on each side.

2. Next trace the shape you just cut out onto an area of empty (non-stained) fabric. Cut out the traced shape. You now have two half moons of fabric, one with detailing and one plain.

3. Place the detailed fabric on top of the plain fabric shape you cut out in #2, with the jeweled portion facing the inside. Carefully sew the two pieces together along the ½ inch of excess fabric. Leave both ends open. At one end leave approximately two inches loose. Note: You could also use hot glue or fabric tape for this step, but be sure to let it dry or bond before proceeding.

4. You now have a fabric tube turned inside-out. Carefully push the fabric through the non-sewn end that has 2 inches loose. It is important to leave the loose end wide enough to fit the widest portion of the necklace (2" should be enough depending on the width of your embellishment). Once flipped, sew the loose portion together, but leave the ends open for the fastening.

5. For the closure of this necklace I chose a bright colored ribbon so it was easily adjustable, but you can also use chain from the craft store with a closure.

6. Sew the ribbon or chain into both ends, and completely sew the ends shut around it.

7. And you’re finished. Wear your necklace and wow your friends!

This will also make a great summer project summer to give your thrifting a purpose: check around town or online to find a shirt that has fabulous beading around the neckline. There are plenty of shirts in thrifts stores everywhere. Then follow Lisa's directions to create a show-stopping DIY necklace, the easy way!

Feel free to tweet us (@popcosmo or @indramaticfash) any questions, and a picture of your new necklace!