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Go Green with SIGG Water Bottles


sigg water bottleGoing Green is a great resolution, but like all resolutions it can be hard to keep. We made a simple resolution for Earth Day to do something to make a huge difference in our environment. HUGE. Use SIGG water bottles and stop drinking from plastic bottles. That's it! It's so simple that we hope you are already doing it. Read on for a quick reminder how this simple tip makes such a difference to your world. Why do you need a reusable water bottle? Because the change from bottled water to tap water can make a profound difference on our environment. Although we list 5 reasons below, there are plenty more!? We use? Sigg water bottles? because we've had plenty of reusable water bottles over the years, but we adore our SIGG water bottles, and not just because they are pretty. Since they are BPA free and made of aluminum, with an? EcoCare Liner, there is no metallic aftertaste. They do not absorb, leach or transfer odors or flavors, no matter what beverage is inside.? Who wants to taste juice when you are drinking water?! ? And SIGG water bottles aren't your typical water bottles that you use a couple times and they crack and leak... SIGG has over 100 years expertise. ? Not only do they have cool designs, they pride themselves on their quality and craftsmanship, meaning no more water dripping through cracks or leaking in your backpack. In fact, we aren't the only ones who think they are pretty, the SIGG shape is so distinctive, it was incorporated into the collection of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New-York. Plus, SIGG water bottles are 100% recyclable and contribute to improving the world's carbon footprint.

As we celebrate Earth Day this weekend, remember, only our choices can help the planet, and drinking from a reusable water bottle truly makes a difference. Consider these facts:

1. The production of water bottles uses 17 million barrels of oil a year, and it takes three times the water to make the bottle as it does to fill it. (via Business Insider)

2. In scientific testing, bottled water was found to be no safer than tap water. (via Business Insider)

3. ? Pepsi's Aquafina or Coca-Cola's Dasani bottled water are are essentially filtered tap water.? (via? Mother Nature Network)

4. ? Bottled water means garbage. ? Lots of it.? ? Over 80 percent of plastic bottles are simply thrown away instead of recycled.? ? Plastic waste is now at such a volume that vast islands plastic trash now spin endlessly in the world's major oceans. This represents a great risk to marine life, killing birds and fish which mistake our garbage for food.? Thanks to its slow decay rate, the majority of all plastics ever produced still exist — somewhere. (via Mother Nature Network)

5.? The Surfrider Foundation estimates that more than half of the litter on beaches is plastic. Many researchers and environmental organizations now list plastic as the number one threat to our marine environments around the planet.

So, do your part on Earth Day and afterwards by making one simple change: stop drinking water from plastic bottles and start drinking water from reusable water bottles!